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Produktbild von Mc Donaldland NES Spiel
Produktbild von Mc Donaldland NES Spiel

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Verkauft wird das Spiel Mc Donaldland für den Nintendo NES. Bild nicht zwingend ein Originalbild. Modul ist in jedem Fall in spielbarem Zustand. Label grundsätzlich OK, höchstens kleine Ablösungen des Labels oder minimal fehlende Teile des Labels sind toleriert. Die meisten Module sind jedoch einwandfrei.

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Anzahl spieler: 2
Erscheinungsjahr: 1993
Genre: Jump 'n' Run
Herausgeber: Nintendo
Marke: Markenlos
Mit gebrauchsanleitung: Nein
Multiplayer: Ja
Plattform: Nintendo NES
Regionalcode: PAL
Regionalcode-detail: PAL B
Sport-subgenre: Nicht Zutreffend
Usk-einstufung: USK ab 0


M.C. Kids is a 1992 platform game developed and published by Virgin Interactive. It was initially released for the Nintendo Entertainment System in February 1992 in North America, and by Ocean Software in May 1993 in Europe. As a licensed product for the McDonald's fast food franchise, the game occasionally features the various logos and characters from McDonald's restaurant signage and television advertisements, for the purposes of plot advancement and power-ups. It stars two children who venture into the fantasy world of McDonaldland in order to return Ronald McDonald's magical bag, which has been stolen by the Hamburglar.

M.C. Kids was also released for the Commodore 64, Amiga, Atari ST, and MS-DOS, though all of these home computer versions were only sold in Europe. Additionally, a different version of the game was released for the Game Boy, as McDonaldland. This version was released outside of Europe as Spot: The Cool Adventure, themed upon the Cool Spot franchise. Virgin Interactive would release another game based on the McDonald's franchise for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis called Global Gladiators that is more of a traditional side-scrolling action-adventure game.

The player can choose to play as one of the two "M.C. Kids". There is no difference between the two characters aside from their skin color and hair styles. Up to two players can play the game at once, and both characters can walk, jump, duck and pick up blocks to throw at enemies as they travel through the seven large worlds of magical McDonaldland.

In a similar format as Super Mario Bros. 3 or StarTropics, the game has seven different worlds. Each one starts out with a visit to a McDonaldland character. However, unlike games such as Super Mario Bros. 3, simply defeating the various levels is not enough for success. McDonald's franchise imagery found in this game includes the various characters from restaurants and television, and McDonald's cards and golden arches — all of which are variously available for plot advancement and as power-ups.

Novel gameplay mechanics found in M.C. Kids include a spin device that turns the player upside down and reverses gravity, the ability to warp throughout the current level via a zipper, and a boat that can be both ridden and carried. (Quelle: Wikipedia)

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