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Verkauft wird das Spiel Knight Rider für den Nintendo NES. Bild nicht zwingend ein Originalbild. Modul ist in jedem Fall in spielbarem Zustand. Label grundsätzlich OK, höchstens kleine Ablösungen des Labels oder minimal fehlende Teile des Labels sind toleriert. Die meisten Module sind jedoch einwandfrei.

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Spiel mit höchstens kleinen Gebrauchsspuren. Spiel wurde gereinigt und funktioniert einwandfrei.

Abmessungen und Gewicht (ohne Gewähr)

Länge: 14cm
Breite: 12cm
Höhe: 2cm
Gewicht: 105g


AnzahlSpieler: 1
Erscheinungsjahr: 1990
Genre: Rennspiele
Herausgeber: Nintendo
Herstellergarantie: Keine
Herstellernummer: NichtZutreffend
InbegriffeneArtikel: NichtZutreffend
Kompatibelmit: NichtZutreffend
Marke: Markenlos
Markenkompatibilitaet: NichtZutreffend
MitGebrauchsanleitung: Nein
Modellkompatibilitaet: NichtZutreffend
Multiplayer: Nein
OnlineSpielbar: Nein
Plattform: NES
Regionalcode: PAL
Regionalcode-Detail: PALB
Sport-Subgenre: NichtZutreffend
USK-Einstufung: USK0



Knight Rider is a racing video game for the Nintendo Entertainment System that is very loosely based on the television show of the same name.

The gameplay is simple: There are fifteen cities that are featured, starting with San Francisco and ending in Los Angeles. KITT can be upgraded with more fuel and shield capacities. It can also have its top speed upgraded, and how many lasers/missiles it starts with. In the first six missions, there are allies, represented by Knight trucks who will give a powerup to you.

Mission mode

Terrorists have raided a U.S. military site; only a man and his robotic car can chase them across the United States to stop their evil plan. A time limit helps put pressure on the player as he attempts to defeat the terrorist forces. There are three types of vehicles in this mode: Red (enemies), civilians (blue) and enemies who carry powerups (yellow). KITT has structural shielding; however the vehicle is considered destroyed if it repeatedly crashes or enemy gunfire depletes the shielding. Despite the non-violent premise of the television show, "Mission Mode" makes use of firearms as way to enhance play, similar to RoadBlasters. Shooting non-combatant (blue) vehicles deducts from the timer, making the completion of a level more difficult. After every third level, Devon will offer the player a password that can be used to resume the journey from that point.

Drive mode

There is also a drive mode that allows players to go on a simple drive through the game's stages without weapons or enemy fire.

Ways to lose a life

Players can and will lose lives if any of these things happen: running out of gasoline, destruction of the player's vehicle, or if time is allowed to run out. Occasionally, allies will give the player either extra time, extra shields, or extra gasoline. It is important to be able to discriminate between enemies, civilians and allies. Losing lives is possible in both the "normal" and the "drive" mode. Unlike a racing game, speed is not important; instead the emphasis is on being able to make the journey from the start of the level to the end without running out of fuel or having excessive contact with the other vehicles. (Quelle: Wikipedia)

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